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The Magic form helps to choose fun that best fits your event. It goes in 3 parts. The First and the Second parts are used as general inquiry. The Third part is to confirm an order.




   First part: general information


* Name      RentFun
* Surname      Europe
  Company      RentFun s.r.o.
* E-mail
* Phone number      420 (country code) 775577423

* Planned start

* Planned finish


* Event address
 Svatopetrska 35/7, Brno, CZ, 617 00

* Expected number of participants

* "RentFun Wizard" support during event
* Reservation is required
  Fun experience or specific equipment
 Space, Flying, Formula 1 experience, Sci-Fi virtual reality, Rock experience or
 2x F1 simulators, 3x Rally VR simulators, 4x Dance pads. 3x Karaoke

  Second part: customize fun ​experience

Name and theme of event

Average age of participants
 50 and older 
Majority of participants
Do you plan competitions?
Level of activity
Is more fun planned?
Event is taking place

Estimated budget

Specials requests, comments,
event description
How did you hear about us?

Third part: order (if left empty, the request is non-binding)

Date of birth

Personal or company address
 Svatopetrska 35/7, Brno, CZ, 617 00
Company identifier

We take privacy seriously. We do not use your data for advertising purposes and we will not share it with other companies. Your data would be securely stored to proceed with the order, monitor its progress and reference it with future orders.



Our magic form doesn't suite you? Send us event details to fun(at)rentfun.euand we would be glad to help.




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