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We deliver services within EU region.



The best way to contact us via magic form. It has all required information to reply with entertainment that best suits your event. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us:



RentFun phone  +420 727 820 337
RentFun customer service  New orders, customer service:   fun(at)
RentFun general questions  General questions:   ask(at)
RentFun Suggestions and ideas  Suggestions and ideas:   idea(at)
Marketing offers  Marketing offers:   marketing(at)


We are making a world happier place by providing modern entertainment for any type of event for people regardless of age. If you like what we do drop us a mail to me(at) with your background and what you would like to do at RentFun.






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Dornych 675/71, Brno, Czech Republic, 617 00





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